Fashion trends that fashion designer portrays in fashion shows

Emily Gonzaga, Brazilian designer, creative director and founder of D’Miliikah, a Brazilian fashion house is heading to Hollywood, quotes Well fashion is something that tends to bring in the best of creative output of the fashion designer. There have been radical developments in fashion production and the consumption which have seen a dramatic development in the past few decades. There have been a massive development in the supply-chain management and fashion is no longer treated as a prerogative of the fashion designer alone.  The rapid change in communication and information technology has given new perspective through the globalization of markets and has created new avenues or directions in the nature of demands of consumers. The fashion trends are now are a clear indicative of the appeal of the consumers and are indicators of future commercial success.

National and International fashion shows and the fashion weeks are now no longer treated as the prerogatives of a few leading manufacturers but has become a household name. The fashion designer, fashion trends, catwalk models, fashion shows and fashion weeks have seen the active participation of popular national media and have become status symbols to many consumers internationally. They are no longer closely followed by the fashion press and fashion magazines but have found the participation of a larger number of people on a broader spectrum. Fashion is a unique playground of paradox: creative and technical, local and global and also art and profit. It puts a diverse set of people from different parts of fashion come together to create something which is not only exquisite but also tangible and profitable.

The fashion designer tries to portray his/her fashion consciousness, creativity and handiwork into the creation. But one cannot only create dresses and designs for oneself? Isn’t it? Every fashion designer wants to earn name and fame. It is through the fashion shows that one can showcase one’s designs and products. The catwalk models walking the ramp on different outfits showcase the passion of the fashion designer and the creativity.  It is this fashion shows that are organized by different multi-retail brands that helps the fashion designer to portray his designs and bring it out to the world. In a fashion week, many fashion designers come under an umbrella to spread to the world their designs and creativity. It is through such fashion weeks, that the fashion trends are created, the consumers, media and the viewers usually try to establish their choice and thus give birth to the fashion trends.

So, if you are a fashion designer and want to portray the fashion trends, do it in style with the fashion shows.


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